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La Sublime Porte: Voix d'Istanbul

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Jordi Savall is a fearless performer who is fascinated with facilitating musical dialogues between Eastern and Western traditions. --Npr

The Sublime Porte (Sublime Gate) was the name of the open court of the sultan, led by the Grand Vizier. It got its name from the gate to the headquarters of the Grand Vizier in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, where the sultan held the greeting ceremony for foreign ambassadors. It was an ancient Ottoman practice to make the gates of cities and kings palaces places of assembly. Later the name came to refer to the Empire s position as gateway between Europe and Asia. Following the success of the album Istanbul, Jordi Savall crosses new boundaries between Orient and Occident. This time, the vocal traditions of the Ottoman Empire, Armenia and the Jewish Diaspora are brilliantly resuscitated. Instrumental interludes enable us to enjoy this journey through time and space. In addition to Hespèrion XXI, this album features the elite of Turkish traditional musicians under the inspired direction of Maestro Savall.

Gürsoy Dinçer: chant
Montserrat Figueras: chant
Lior Elmaleh: chant

Pierre Hamon: ney
Pedro Estevan: percussion
Jordi Savall: lira, vielle, rebab & direction

Et musiciens de

Georgi Minassyan: duduk
Haïg Sarikouyoumdjian: duduk
Gaguik Mouradian: kemençe

Derya Türkan: kemençe
Yurdal Tokcan: oud
Murat Salim Tokaç: tanbur
Hakan Güngör: kanun
Fahrettin Yarkın: percussion

Nedyalko Nedyalkov: kaval

Yair Dalal: oud

Dimitri Psonis: santur et morisca

Driss El Maloumi: oud

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