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Autour de Vivaldi

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The principal form of the Italian solo concerto was the Ritornello movement which proceeds in successive brief musical events, alternating tutti ritornelli and soli, which contrast one another thematically and texturally. Its increasing popularity went hand in hand with the heydey of te violin as a virtuoso instrument and the activity of the greatest violin builders - Amati, Guarneri et Stradivari.

Ensemble Guidantus is a small chamber group formed in 1995 out of the homonymous orchestra and it plays a lively part in the Italian music scene. The sparkling and polished performances combine mastery of the score with a clear and individual interpretation, the result of a decade of aesthetic and philological study.

Continuously seeking new musical suggestions, Ensemble's repertoire covers all of the works of Vivaldi, particularly unpublished or rarely performed pieces, as well as other celebrated 17th and 18th centuries composers such as Arcangelo Corelli, Benedetto Marcello, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Domenico Scarlatti, Domenico Cimarosa.


Carlo Alezio Razetti: Concerto in G minor
Giuseppe Matteo Alberti: Concerto in F minor
Carlo Tessarini: Concerto in F major
Andrea Zani: Concerto in D major
Giovanni Baptista Somis: Concerto in G major
Silvestro Rotondi: Concerto in F minor

Ensemble Guidantus

Marco Pedrona (principal violin)
Francesca Copelli (1st violin)
Carlotta Arata (2nd violin)
Ciro Chiapponi (viola)
Antonio Braidi (cello)
Giovanna Fornari (harpischord)
Massimo Marchese (theorbo)


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