domenica 3 giugno 2012

D.Scarlatti - The Complete Sonatas

38 CD - MP3 192Kbps - 45 RAR (3,65Gb)

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IMPORTANT: I noticed that in the original release some of the sonatas in Volume 1 were incomplete (K.20, 163, 172, 177, 178, 180, 185, 189, 191, 194) and one was missing (K.176). That is now fixed.

What will make this series by Richard Lester the first (and currently the only) truly complete recording of Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas is the inclusion in Volume 7 of works extra to the heretofore accepted fifteen-Volume corpus, works authenticated by W. Dean Sutcliffe, author of The Keyboard Works of Domenico Scarlatti; he also supplied some manuscripts. Such manuscripts in Scarlatti's own hand are rare. Lester also points out that, although the Kirkpatrick numbers are used throughout this project, the chronology of the sets follows Maria Barbara's manuscripts.

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