sabato 30 giugno 2012

Dictionary of Medieval & Renaissance Instruments

2 CD - MP3 192 Kbps - RAR 102+91Mb

CD 1 - - CD 2
CD 1 - - CD 2

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Sorry, I know it's important but there's no booklet in the RAR.

Cantus has performed an invaluable service for fans of early music by assembling a CD that demystifies the assortment of archaic instruments found in historically correct performances of Medieval and Renaissance repertoire. For anyone who has puzzled over the difference between a shawm and a bombard, a vielle and a vihuela, as well as anyone just curious about the wealth of wonderful but unfamiliar sounds in early music, this CD is a treasure. The collection groups the instruments by families (bowed strings, plucked strings, keyboards, winds, etc.), and offers tracks not only of each instrument playing by itself, but with other instruments and with voices in the most common period groupings. The performances, mostly taken from recordings in the Cantus catalog, but some made especially for this project, are clean and direct -- nothing fancy, but just right for doing the job of familiarizing the listener with the sounds of the instruments.

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