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Handel - Israel in Egypt

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Using some of the finest early-music soloists of the day, Parrott and his forces give posterity a recording that welds tightly focused emotion to a laudable and uncommon feel for the music. The soloists produce appropriately light but well-focused tone and display an ability to negotiate the intricacies of Handel’s notes evenly and with an exceptional grasp of the phrasing required for successful performance. The choral lines are carefully etched and meticulously balanced, resulting in a superlative overall sound that—in spite of the small choir—is rich and capable of exceeding power when required.
Without groveling to historical convention, Parrott achieves an enviable­­—and perhaps even the ultimate—marriage of musicology and musicality. The choruses and arias in parts II and III are conservatively paced, never rushed or driven, but I never feel that the tempos are sluggish or flaccid to the detriment of the music. Overall, there is deft execution, impeccable ensemble, and precise intonation. Parrott’s recording of Israel in Egypt is built on cognizance of Handel’s musical architecture and a desire to seek and master what lies beyond the printed page. All of this adds up to another inductee into our Classical Hall of Fame.
Please note that this set is available as an import only and can be found online as either a new or pre-loved product on Unfortunately, there are no texts included in the bare-bones booklet, but they can be downloaded at
FANFARE: Michael Carter

Nancy Argenta (soprano I)
Emily van Evera (soprano II)
Timothy Wilson (alto)
Anthony Rolfe Johnson (tenor)
David Thomas (bass I)
Jeremy White (bass II)

Taverner Choir & Players
dir. Andrew Parrott


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